Hurricanes vs Cuds Meet Information

    Good morning Canes!

    The meet against the Northampton Cudas is tomorrow!


    Make sure everything is ready for the meet in the morning and choose a departure time. Make sure to pack your sunscreen, towels, entertainment, chairs, swimsuit and goggles. Don't forget to pack your cooler and snacks.

    Check In

    Dreaded, but needed and guess what? We are the home team so we get better parking since we have to be there earlier than the AWAY team.

    • Check-in starts at 7:00 a.m.
      • Check-in with coaches in front of building
      • Check-in with age group parents
    • Hurricane warm-ups are from 7:00 - 7:30
    • Meet starts at 8:30 a.m.


    Reserved parking is permit only. The side parking lot will become the Visiting team area. Before the meet there is drop off only and then that area will close off so that the visiting team can walk around without cars driving through. The handicap parking in that area will still be accessible if needed. Additional parking can be found along Alden Bridge Drive as well as in Buckalew Elementary. There is no parking in surrounding residential neighborhoods.


    Chick-fil-a and Orange Leaf Yogurt will be set up in that same area. Both are cash only.

    Heat Sheets

    You can buy a heat sheet at this meet to follow along with the events. Heat Sheets are $3 cash.

    Good Habits

    • Start your race with the Hurricane swirl!
    • Cheering on your age group and friends – LET THEM HEAR YOU!
    • After a race, get out of the pool and go by the coaches tent to see what they have to say about the race.
    • If a DQ happens, it’s okay, that’s how we get better! If you don’t understand the DQ, one of the coaches can go over it on Monday with you. I hesitate to say at the meet since the coaches are getting hit left-and-right with questions, and with so many swimmers it starts to get confusing.
    • Help our clean-up crew by cleaning up your own area. Everyone is anxious to get home after a long day of swimming, and if everyone does a little, it makes it so much nicer for everyone. Our clean-up crew's job is to help put equipment away, not clean-up garbage.

    Relays are always subject to change

    The computer picks the A and B relay based on times in the system. If you entered the meet late, after the relays were picked, your swimmer may not be on the relays even though they may have a better time than a swimmer in the relay. The C relay rotates through on different meets so that everyone gets a chance to do relays.

    The age group parents will work with the coaches once they have all their kiddos checked in to see which relays need to be adjusted. Please try and remember that the Coaches will be hit by many people asking questions and so they will need some time and space to get this task accomplished. Let the age group parents do the talking to the coaches in regards to relays.

    If you are in relays, please don't leave early. Other kids are waiting to swim in these relays and it is very disappointing to them to have their relay cancelled because someone left. It's all for experience, even if they don't win.


    Make sure to sign-in and check what duty you have.

    Please Help Clean Up

    Help out by cleaning-up the area around your tent and pitching in with anything else you can help with before you leave.

    All age groups are responsible for taking down their tent and cleaning up their area.

    GO CANES!!!

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