Divisionals Information

    Great job to everyone this season! We may not have won very many meets, but there have been a lot of personal best times. Here is what you need to know about tomorrow:

    Divisionals 2018

    Location: Klein Oak High School - 22603 Northcrest Dr., Spring, TX 77389 (Entrance to meet on Klein Oak Dr.)

    • Team area will be in the commons area.
    • Concessions under stair well – cash only.

    o Selling donuts, coffee, water, gatorade, and soft drinks at the concession stand.

    • Food trucks outside behind the commons area.
    • Please look for tape on ground showing age group areas.
    • Ready bench in small gym next to swimming pool.
    • No camping in the upstairs bleachers in the swimming pool area. After viewing an event, go back to team area. Bleacher area is limited and we want everyone to have a chance to view their child’s swim.
    • Volunteers sign in at Coaches Table. There are still shifts available. If you did not get signed up for this meet and you have a swimmer in it you need to check in with Staci Stephens. Everyone has to do a volunteer shift if they have a swimmer swimming in this meet.

    Heat sheets, Meet Vision and Meet Bop:

    • Heat sheets are for sale at $5.00 cash.
    • If you have the Meet Bop app the meet should be listed.

    Warm-ups/pre-meet: 7:00-8:30AM

    • Hurricanes check-in starts at 7:00 a.m.
    • Warm-ups
      • Shift 2 and 3: 7:25-8:15
      • If any swimmers are in the first events, prep them by telling them to go straight to ready bench next door in small gym right after warm ups.
    • Begin announcements
    • Complete paperwork for ready bench, officials and coaches.
    • Scratch meeting: 7:45AM computer room.
    • Timers/ Scribes meeting: 8:00AM on deck
    • Officials meeting: 8:00AM on deck by starting blocks.
    • Coaches meeting: 8:15AM.
    • Ready Bench volunteers meeting: 8:00AM Ready Bench Area.
    • National Anthem: 8:25AM
      • Timeline shows the meet starting at 8:30 a.m. but we don’t get out of warm-ups until 8:15 a.m. but who knows!

    Meet: 8:30AM- END

    • 3 Volunteer Shifts:
      • Shift 1: Events 1-30
      • Shift 2: Events 31- 50
      • Shift 3: Events 51-80

    If working ready bench your shift starts by the lining up of that event.

    Post Meet: 3:30PMish

    • Each team clean set-up area prior to awards ceremony
    • Pick-up trash, pull up tape and take down signs.
    • Awards Ceremony on deck
    • Break down pool area, ready bench area, small gym and commons


    • Make sure that you don’t leave anything there
    • If planning on swimming in Trinity or Ponderosa you must make sure that your swimmer is entered into the meet and that you’ve paid the fees before leaving. Meet entries will be taken to the two invitationals on Sunday. Coaches will make relays from swimmers entered in those meets on Saturday night after Divisionals. If you do or do not want to be considered for relays make sure to write that down on the Trinity/Ponderosa form. If you have questions or need help look for me, Michelle Pekel or Adrianne Persyn.
      • Sign up at Coaches table in our team area.
      • There are two different forms one for Trinity and one for Ponderosa.
      • If you must pay by cash please put in an envelope with swimmers name, swim meet and events on it.
      • Make sure you have payment attached to your form. Stapler will be on table.
      • Put in completed forms box.

    If not going to Divisionals and want to enter and have qualified for Trinity/Ponderosa, make sure to fill out attached form and attach cash/check and drop it off at my house, 43 Edgemire Place, 77381 and put under the front door mat by 4 p.m. tomorrow (6/17).

    Coaches’ gifts

    The Spirit Committee has put out a big jar for anyone who wants to donate to the coaches’ gift that will be presented on Monday, the 18th at the End of Season Party at Rob Fleming Pool. It will be on the Coaches Table in our team area. This is purely voluntary. Donations will be accepted all the way up until the end of Divisionals.

    End of Season Party

    Everyone is welcome! The Township was just starting to get a head count. It’s at Rob Fleming pool from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m (6535 Creekside Forest). Bring the family and bring a picnic dinner or buy food at the concession stand. Food will be provided for swimmers and coaches.

    Practices week of June 19th

    Practice schedule is the same and everyone can come. It is not just Trinity and Ponderosa qualifiers.

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