Hurricanes End-of-the-Season Note

    Good afternoon Hurricane families,

    We had some excellent swims at both of our end-of-the-season invitational meets Trinity and Ponderosa! It was wonderful to see the swimmers rewarded for all of their hard work! 

    As many of you know, this season was a difficult one. We were vastly outnumbered at what seemed like most of our dual meets and didn't get a lot of the team results for which we had hoped, which is something our team hasn't had to deal with in many years. Despite the losses, we persevered, kept working hard, and focused on things we had control of. We couldn't change how many swimmers the other teams in our division had or we had, so we focused elsewhere. With our older swimmers, we especially worked on good attitudes and responsibility (i.e. showing up to the block even when we're tired, not seeded first, or not seeded in the last heat) and with our younger swimmers we focused on swim lane etiquette and following directions in addition to the typical stroke technique, turns, starts, etc. These lessons we hope will plant the seeds that will flourish in future seasons. 

    At Trinity, the Hurricanes placed 3rd in the large team division! So many swimmers dropped time despite swimming so many events back-to-back. We also had multiple swimmers receive the high point awards.

    Trinity High Point Award Winners:

    8 year old Boys 1st Place High Point Award- Max Simons

    9 year old Boys 2nd Place Hight Point Award- Carter Schmitt

    13 year old Boys 1st Place High Point Award- James Persyn

    14 year old Boys 2nd Place High Point Award- Caden Citso

    15-18 year old Girls 2nd Place High Point Award- Kendall Bonhomme

    At Ponderosa, the Hurricanes placed 2nd in the small team division! We had several swimmers final and some in multiple events. We also had one swimmer receive a high point award.

    Ponderosa Finalists:

    -Sophia Corbin- 7/8 Girls 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke, 25 breastroke, 25 butterfly

    -Max Simons- 7/8 Boys 25 breastroke

    -Chloe Corbin- 9/10 Girls 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke, 50 freestyle, 25 butterfly, 25 breastroke, and 100 IM

    -Emma Raiford- 11/12 Girls 50 backstroke

    -Slade Stephens- 11/12 Boys 50 freestyle, 50 butterfly, and 100 IM

    -Maria Mansfield- 15/18 Girls 50 backstroke

    -Megan Gallagher- 15/18 Girls 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle

    Ponderosa High Point Award Winner:

    9-10 year old Girls 2nd Place High Point Award- Chloe Corbin

    Additionally, we had a few more team records broken. We had two lovely volunteers update the Hurricanes team record board at Lakeside yesterday. 

    From the update two weeks ago, the following team records have been newly broken/bettered:

    10 & under Girls 50 free- Chloe Corbin 28.65
    10 & under Girls IM- Chloe Corbin 1:10.93
    9/10 Girls 25 free- Chloe Corbin 13.20
    9/10 Girls 25 breast- Chloe Corbin 16.30
    11/12 Boys 50 free- Slade Stephens 26.67
    15/18 Girls 50 free- Megan Gallagher 25.02
    15/18 Girls 100 free- Megan Gallagher 55.42 

    Way to go, team! Huge accomplishments! We look forward to seeing you next year! Make sure you pick up all ribbons and awards from Lakeside, if you have not already done so. If the ribbon boxes are not out on the picnic tables or the life guards desk, they are in the shed. Simply ask Coach Momen for help. 

    -Coach Caitlin

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