Your qualified swimmer is invited to the 2019 Sprint Sizzler Invitational. (Please refer to time standards in flyer)

    The deadline for meet entries is May 25, 2019

    This invitational has fee of $7 per event. 

    If you are new to Invitational Meets, please look under this section of our website and read about each individual meet. As with all Invitational Meets, The Woodlands Township will write one big check on behalf of our team. The Woodlands Township will cover the cost of any relays that we enter.

    Do not send payment to the Invitational host. I will collect your check. Please make checks payable to The Woodlands Township. I will leave a blue collection box near Coach Russell for swimmers to place their check inside.

    To register your swimmer, log into your SwimTopia account and declare your swimmer for their individual events. There will be some volunteer shifts for our team, so if you register your swimmer, please also look at the jobs available.

    Once again, the deadline for meet entries is May 25, 2019. All checks must be submitted to me before that date.

    The meet will take place at the Cypress Natatorium in an indoor, air-conditioned venue. I have attached a flyer with all the details for this meet and they can also be found on our website under INVITATIONAL MEETS.


    If your swimmer is chasing records or other qualifying times, then these invitational meets are a great way to attain those times. Times are recorded by a computer and hand timers are used as a back up.

    In order for your swimmer to participate in this meet, all entries and dues must be submitted before the due date. This event is separate from our Hurricanes events, so I will not have any control over late entries.

    Please begin signing your swimmer up for this or any other invitational that you are interested in. Be sure to check dates as some of these meets are during the week. All invitationals are listed on our website.



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