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Meet Entry Sign Up!

Here are the steps in signing up your swimmer(s):

1) Log into your account

2) Click on "Swim Meets" at the top of the homepage

3) Scroll down to Time Trials or the Dual Meet your would like to sign your swimmer up for

4) Click the green "Meet Entry" button. There you will see a list of your swimmer(s)

5) Click the green "Edit" button

6) Use the drop-down box to select whether your swimmer is "Attending this meet" or "Not attending this meet"

7) If you choose that they will be attending the meet, then a list of age-appropriate events will populate. Check the box next to the events you would like for them to compete in. For Time Trials, you can choose all of their age-group individual events. For the Dual Meets, you can choose no more than 3 individual events and 2 relays

8) There will be another box that shows up asking if your swimmer will be available to swim in relays. Choose your answer in the drop down box

9) Click the "Save" button

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Hurricanes FAQ

Hurricane Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are the swimmers grouped?

A. By gender and age. The age the swimmer is on June 1st is the age group they will be placed with.

Q. Can a swimmer practice with another age group?

A. With coach approval.

Q. How many practices does a swimmer need to attend per week?

A. As much as possible! The more your swimmer practices, the better they will get. We prefer a minimum of 2 practices per week.

Q. Does a swimmer have to wear the team suit to practice?

A. No. Any one piece swim suit will work.

Q: How can I volunteer to help the team?

A. There are MANY ways you can support our team. Please check the website for opportunities or share any new ideas you have with your team rep.

Q. Do I need to stay with my swimmer for their practice?

A. 6 & Under: Adult supervision required 

7 & 8 : Optional 

9 & 10 and Up: Supervision not necessary.

Q. What if a practice is canceled due to rain/thunder? How will I be notified?

A. Remind 101. If you’d like to subscribe to a text service for reminders and weather updates, please text @twtcanes to 81010. If that doesn't work text @twtcanes to 858-375-1425.

Q: Is there a Lost & Found at the pool?

A. Yes. The Hurricanes has it's own Lost & Found at Lakeside. Please remember to put your swimmers name on their goggles, fins, towels and bags!!

Q: Are swimmer siblings allowed to swim in the baby pool during practices or Meets?

A. No.

Q. Where can I purchase a team swim suit and/or fins?

A. Swim Shops of the Southwest or your favorite swim store.



9955-F Woodlands Pkwy The Woodlands, TX 77382

Monday - Friday 10:00 to 6:00

Saturday 10:00 to 5:00

Frequently Asked Questions about a Meet

Q. What is a “Time Trial” (held before meets begin)?

A. Each swimmer must have an official swim time for each stroke prior to entering a dual meet. This time is used to "place" swimmers in races with other swimmers with similar times. Once a swimmer swims an event at a dual meet or NWAL sanctioned invitational, that time trial time will be replaced with an official time even if it's slower than the time trial time. Please keep in mind that time trial times cannot be used for the divisional meet.

Q. How long will the time trial last?

A. Time Trials will begin at 7 AM for warm-ups. 6 & Under should be finished by Noon. The rest of the swimmers -by about 2 PM.

Q. Will a team photo be taken at the time trial?

A. Yes – at 8 AM.

Q. How do I sign my swimmer up for a mMeet?

A. The website. Sign-Up by Midnight on the Sunday prior to the Meet. You can sign up for all Meets at once if you wish.

Q. How many events can a swimmer sign up for?

A. 3 individual events.  The head coach reserves the right to change one of the events if needed.  Coaches pick the relays for the meet.  The A and B relays are picked by time.

Q. What time should a swimmer arrive at a meet?

A. 6:30 – 6:45 AM for Check-In. All swimmers must check-In at the Hurricane table upon arrival. You will check in at the front with the coaches and then go to your AGE GROUP tent and check-in with the age group parent.  Even if you don't plan to sit in the age group tent you must check-in with the age group parent and discuss with them what will work on making sure that your swimmer is there for line-up to READY BENCH.  Very Important!

Q. What happens if a swimmer is late to a meet?

A. They risk being scratched – they will not be able to participate in the meet.

Q. What should we take to a meet?

A. Meets are held at outdoor pools, so being comfortable and cool is key. If you have a tent – bring it! The more shade the better. You will need chairs. A cooler with cold drinks is always a good idea. Kids should bring something to keep them entertained during non-swim time. Swimmers should bring a couple of towels, goggles, team cap and sunscreen!

Q. Are siblings, family or friends allowed at a meet?

A. Yes

Q. Are there concession stands at meets?

A. Yes, and are cash only.

Q. Where do swimmers sit at meets?

A. Swimmers are encouraged to sit with their age groups -especially the younger ones. The younger groups have age group parent volunteers who supervise the kids and ensure that they are taken to and from the swim races on time. This also allows the kids to socialize and have fun. The Meet runs much smoother when the kids remain with their age groups!!

Q. Is a swimmer required to attend all the meets?

A. Of course all swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many Meets as possible, but it is not required to attend them all. However, in order to attend the divisional meet (the meet at the end of the season that includes numerous swim teams) swimmers are required to have participated in two dual meets.

Q. May I drop my child off at a swim meet?

A. With the exception of high school swimmers, parents /or adult caregivers are required to attend the meet with the kids.

Q. Are team suits required at a meet?

A. No. But swimmers are not allowed to wear another teams swim suit or cap. If they are not wearing the team suit, try to wear a suit with the team color and girls must wear a one-piece. The NWAL rule for swim caps is that it is either the Hurricanes team cap or a plain cap with no logos or writing on it.

Q. Who swims the relays?

A. The coaches select the fastest 8 kids in every age group, then rotate the last relay through every swimmer, if possible.  

Q: What are invitational meets?

A: Invitational meets are mid-season and end-of-season meets that are in addition to our normal schedule. The invitational meets typically cost additional money to swim each event and are swam on days not overlapping with our normal schedule. 

Ponderosa and Trinity Summer Classic are our typical end-of season championship meets against the rest of the league. They both have qualifying times for entry and are a lot of fun. 

Mid-season invitationals are a great way for your swimmer to swim in an indoor pool to hopefully achieve faster times towards the end-of-season invitationals. Swimmers can typically swim in ALL events (not just 3) - typically with touch pads on the wall to automatically detect a swim. 

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