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New Swimmer Information

New Swimmer Information

If you are craving a summer activity that your child will enjoy, then the “Hurricanes” (Canes) are ready for you.

Welcome to the Woodlands Hurricanes "Canes" Swim Team website. We are a summer league swim team consisting of local kids ages 18 and under. We are one of about 100 teams competing in the North West Aquatic League (NWAL ), the largest summer league swimming organization in the USA!

Here is some information for you to review when making your decision about registering your child for swim team...

Does my child have to be a good swimmer?

No. However, because we compete, we do require a basic swimming ability. Our minimum requirement is for your swimmer to be able to safely swim one length of the pool (25 yards) without assistance. Our team is made up of swimmers of all ages and skill levels and our coaches will work with all swimmers to teach them new strokes, and improve the ones they already know.

Do the Hurricanes provide swim lessons?

No. However, The Woodlands Township provides affordable swim lessons in group or individual sessions. There are also a number of programs run through the township that can help your new swimmer build on their skill level. Please refer to the NEWS section of our website for more details.

Do we need any special equipment?

No. Many swimmers own a team suit that can be purchased from Swim Shops on Woodlands Parkway. This is optional. It is a black suit with blue markings along the sides. Swim caps are also encouraged for swimmers with long hair and goggles are a must for all swimmers. Kickboards are available at the pool.

Is summer league fun?

YES! Swim team is a great way to watch your child improve their skills and self esteem! It is also a terrific way to meet new neighbors and friends and a great opportunity for your child to "hang out" with their friends. Our volunteer parents will set up theme days and cheer squads to encourage kids to support each other and help create help memories.

How often do you practice?

Practice begins at the end of April and ends in late June. Prior to summer break, practice will be held on evenings from Monday through Thursday (POOL CLOSED on Friday) and during summer break, practice will be in the mornings. For more details please review our practice schedule.

Can I speak with the Coaches?

Yes. Our Coaches are very open to talking with all swimmers and parents. However we do ask that you refrain from talking with the coaches during the practice sessions. Feel free to email your coach or leave a note at the pool for them to respond to your question. This allows the coaches to concentrate on the swimmers. NWAL requires the pool deck to be roped off to ensure that the swimmers, coaches and official personnel are the only people permitted on deck. This is also for safety and security reasons.

How often are the swim meets?

The meets are on consecutive Saturdays, starting with the Time Trial (practice meet), followed by 5 Dual Meets and then the Divisional Meet. For more details please review our meet schedule. The optional Invitational Meets require an additional payment per race event and are typically held on a Sunday or weekday. Invitational meets are not included in your Hurricanes dues.

Do we have to go to the swim meets?

While it is not mandatory it is very strongly encouraged. It is at the meets where the swimmers get to appreciate being a part of the team and where they really get to show you their hard work. Plan on attending all meets and watch your child improve and impress both themselves and you on a weekly basis. Please let your Coach and Lead Age Group Parent know ASAP if your swimmer can not attend a meet so that we can update the swimmer log for that weekend.

Do I have to volunteer?

YES! We NEED YOU! We cannot run a meet without all positions being filled. Our team is run predominantly by volunteer parents. None of the jobs are difficult, and all require minimal time. We know you are there to see your child swim, and we promise that no matter the job, watching your child swim will be the most important thing you do on Saturday. Each week, we will open the sign up for volunteer positions and you will have the opportunity to fulfil your obligations. The kids love to see their parents help run their team and it is also a great way to connect with other swim parents and kids. Your family was billed $200 to cover their volunteer obligations and in order to receive a full refund, you need to complete 4 volunteer sessions. There are always more opportunities to volunteer at our home meets. Away meets only typically require timers. For more details please review our parent volunteer information and our NWAL Officials information. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator with any volunteer questions.

How do I register?

Please contact Debbie Arnold at The Woodlands Aquatics Office to register your swimmer. Once you have paid your invoice, you will receive an email link for Swimtopia. Swimtopia is the website that will allow you to sign up for both the meets and all volunteer opportunities. For additional details please refer to the NEWS section of our website.

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